Aja Hillisine

Player: Alexandra Mitchell

Name: Lady Aja Hillisine KEY TERMS = Student, Hunter, Noble Age: 16 Class: Sophomore Personality: Very much a non-conformist she can tend to be a little brash, which tends to make her a loaner. She thrives on excitement and danger she won’t hesitate to go out of her way, not only to find it, but to end up neck deep in it. She’s not someone you really want to piss off, though generally collected when provoked she is quite destructive.

Background: Haling from a long line of nobles spanning back past a hundred years she has done everything in her power to be shun from the Hillisine line. Much to her despair her attempts are to no avail because she is the last in her family line. She excels in academics with little to no effort and has always found school boring, though she is top in her class. She finds noble life boring as well and the only activity deemed some what acceptable by her parents, that she actually enjoys, is fencing. She holds several national titles and is the president of the schools fencing club that she herself started. Currently the only other member is Cage, who she forced to sign up. Cage is her only “friend” mainly because they understand each other though they come from two different worlds.

Appearance: Silver grey hair (a Hillisine family trait), medium height 5’5”. Slender with a pale completion and deep blue eyes. She’s either in her school uniform or her hunting clothes.

Hobbies: Fencing, racing, fixing and upgrading her motorcycles, and Debutants of the Future “which her mother forced her into, but she never attends so she’s never made her first public appearance in any of the social events ”

Aja Hillisine

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