Aphrodite Merle

Player: Christie Chambers

Name: Aphrodite “Phro” Merle KEY TERMS = Student, hunter, tomboy Age: 18 Class: Senior

Personality: Despite her name, Phro does everything in her power not to be beautiful. She thinks beauty has no purpose in her life and goes out of her way to wear baggy, dirty clothes. She is, however, captivated by beautiful boys, and, ever the hopeless romantic, dreams of having a beautiful husband. She tends to be blunt about her opinion and never cares how her words will affect others unless she feels she hurt them too deeply. She doesn’t believe in apologies, claiming that there’s no such thing as a sincere apology. Apologizing only makes her angry. When she’s angry (or bored), nothing cheers her up like beating someone to a pulp (often a sibling or unsuspecting pedestrian). Having been forced to compete with five sisters for attention, she craves any attention she can get, and will do almost anything to get it.

Backround: She is the oldest of six girls, leaving her starved for attention, which is why she loves the attention she gets from hunting. Her family often totters on the edge of poverty, forcing her and the other older siblings in her family to find odd jobs for whatever money they can get.

Appearance: She has very short, platinum blonde hair. Its length never exceeds four inches at any given point, and she always keeps it scruffy. She has fair skin and emerald eyes. She’s slender and tall for a girl, but not freakishly so. She always wears baggy shirts and pants as well as boots, all with a healthy layer of dirt on them. Because of this appearance, she is sometimes mistaken for a boy, but if she’s very beautiful when her mother forces her to clean up.

Hobbies: Beating people up, gazing dreamily at beautiful boys

Aphrodite Merle

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