Arius Vesper

Player: Ian Cochran

Name: Lord Arius Vesper KEY TERMS = Student, Hunter, Noble Age: 17 Class: Junior Personality: He is generally kind and very charming. This is only about half legitimate kindness: the other half stems from his aptitude for political manipulation. He is not evil, but can sometimes radiate such an aura. He keeps secrets if he thinks it could help him later, even from close friends, but urges that they not take it personally. He has a good heart, but it is sometimes overpowered by his cold and calculating personality and mind. To most characters he is a mystery, but always seems to be willing and able to help… but whether this is out of a sense of altruism or accumulation of favors and debts to call upon later is not sure.

Background: He is the only son of the Vesper family, a former supporting party of the recently fallen Oligarchy. Even though his parents died shortly before the fall of the new government, the higher ups are giving him trouble receiving his inheritance, but they’ve allowed him to keep his title and most of his parent’s estate. He left his private schooling so he could enroll in the public domain and begin forging ties of his own. While his family’s time in the public spotlight has faded, he seems not to care, and this doesn’t seem to slow his ambition.

Appearance: He has long brown hair with silver streaks that falls a touch below the back of his neck. His eyes are beautiful and seem to glow an icy blue. His posture is that of a nobleman, poised and honorable, and his facial expressions show only the emotions he wishes with the most minimal movement of features. He is not terribly tall, but tall enough to be able to hold a commanding presence when he stands. He is fairly thin, but not without physical strength.

Hobbies: Chess, Go, Kendo, and Reading Classic Literature. He is also a leading member of the student council.

Arius Vesper

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