Cage Argus

Player: Ian Cochran

Name: Cage Argus KEY TERMS = Student, Hunter Age: 16 Class: Sophomore Personality: Generally laid back, but not uncaring. He takes a genuine interest in everyone’s wellbeing. A very happy person, who’s only touchy subject is the fact that he has been cursed with bad luck. However, when in a tough situation, he’ll never hesitate to put the wellbeing of other above his own. Life is sacred to him.

Background: A commoner with no money. His parents are always away looking for work or doing odd jobs leaving him and his little brother, Louis, to fend for themselves. They get themselves to school and back and have to hold part-time jobs to buy their own food since their parents’ money always goes towards paying their debt to the nobles… a debt which seems to do nothing but grow. He spent a long time with a tribe of spiritualists when his brother was with his parents. During this time, he mastered a difficult form of magic. The tribe leaders to this day say they taught him nothing, he was merely naturally in-tuned.

Appearance: Short curly blond hair. He is tall, slender, with little to no physical strength. His posture is poor since he is constantly leaning backwards with his hands deep in his pockets.

Hobbies: Music studies, chemistry, computer programming and retro video games (though he can’t stand 8-bit game music, so he often reprograms them to play his own arranged version)

Cage Argus

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