Charlemagne Scorpius

Player: Robby Krajewski

Name: Lord Charlemagne/Lady Charlene Scorpius KEY TERMS = Student, Hunter, Noble, Cross-dresser Age: 15 Class: Freshman Personality: Charlie is obsessed with beauty. Because he was always jealous that girls got to wear prettier clothes than him, he began dressing as a girl himself. He’s been doing this for so long that everyone assumes he really is a girl and is name is really Charlene, since he goes by charlie. He never decide to correct anyone. He becomes a hunter because he hears hunting has become a tv program and he wants to become a tv idol. So, he plays heavily into being cute and kind to everyone…usually. He does have a bit of a strong personality, so it’s best not to get on his bad side. I think that’s pretty much a rule for all of our hunters.

Backround: Charlie’s parents died when he was very young and he ended up working as a servant for an eccentrtic member of the Scorpius family, who adopted him when he descovered Charlie’s knack for computers. However, Lord Scorpius eventually declared Charlie a faiilure, as his only motivation was to make things prettier. Aft5er that the lord basically left Charlie to his own devices. However, they both care for each other very much and have a very good relationship.

Appearance: He has very long black hair in perfect giant curls. H always wears some kind of frilly dress with a giant poofy skirt. He is short and has dark amber eyes.

Hobbies: Maintaining the CharlieFan webpage, the Charlie fan club, designing clothes, and making the world a more beautiful place

Charlemagne Scorpius

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