Ian Cochran

Hello! My name is Ian Cochran. I created this story and run this site :) This is actually my second online role play, the first being one called “Chronos Anima” featuring a futuristic police force. I’m into anime and used it as a model for this story, so if you think of it that way, it may help you appreciate it. The goal of this game is to have fun. If you aren’t having fun, then you can’t play. Sorry.

Anyway, I’m 21, live in the United States, and that’s about as specific I’m going to get… because it’s the internet and stuff. And you never know who may be watching suspicious glancing around

That is all. Hope you have fun with the site! Ian (a.k.a. dallionvistar, a.k.a. Admin)

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Ian Cochran

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