Ryuu Nakano

Player: Rachelle Adams

Name: Ryuu Eri Nakano (The middle name Eri is only used by his mother when she’s disappointed in him; not angry, DISAPPOINTED. Oh yes, Mrs. Nakano is a guilt-tripper.) KEY TERMS: Student, Commoner, not a Hunter yet but just you wait and see… Age: 16 Class: Junior

Personality & Background: Ryuu can usually be found with a pair of headphones on. His classmates just assume that he has no idea what’s going on in the world around him, but his teachers (who have seen his impeccable grades) know better than that. Ryuu has the highest GPA in the junior class. The ignorant persona he portrays to his classmates (and by that I mean ignoring them, not stupidity obviously) may also be due to his family life. As I’ve mentioned, his mother loves nothing more than a good guilt-trip. His father is a bit of a pushover. Mr. Nakano has been a government employee since before Ryuu was born. However, as we read in the first chapter, the government is now in chaos and Mr. Nakano’s job is hanging by a thread. Ryuu, being the oldest, must pick up the financial slack. Also mentionable is Ryuu’s eleven year old brother Yori.

Appearance: Stick-straight black hair that looks blue in fluorescent lighting. Length, barely to the top of the shoulders. Usually held back by headphones. Deep brown eyes that appear black to anyone who doesn’t really look. Thin frame, lean face. There is one dimple in his left cheek when he smiles, which isn’t very often. He almost always wears black t-shirts and jeans with black and red checkered shoes.

Hobbies: Rock music, reading, drawing, watching bad horror films.

Ryuu Nakano

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